World Citizens of New York
I am a citizen of the world and my religion is to do good. - Thomas Paine Strangers become friends on the streets of New York. So many nationalities, religions and ethnicities thriving together.
May, 2016
World citizen
My father is an inspiration. A true world citizen, not bound to any nationality.
July, 2015
From destruction to creation
A destroyed vase lies in a hotel basement in Brooklyn, waiting to be thrown away. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
October, 2016
World Citizens of Oslo
17. May speech from “SKAM” "The Norwegian society is constantly evolving. Thousands of refugees are currently flowing through Europe; with different cultures and other values. Some are afraid that these people will threaten the Norwegian values. We must remember what we are celebrating ... our responsibility to fight for and preserve these values. Open our doors and hearts for others. - SKAM, 2016
May, 2016
Pride Oslo 2016
So much love, acceptance and happiness! If only the world could look like this everyday & everywhere! Why create hate and war when we can choose this?
June, 2016
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